What's included with my Copy School membership?

The following is included in your Copy School membership: 

  • 300+ hours of copywriting lessons. Everything from home pages to landing pages to Facebook ads to behavioral-triggered emails… and more.
  • All new training as we add it - to keep your strategies and skills fresh.
  • Dozens of templates and worksheets. Kickstart your projects with the same tools we use in-house at Copyhackers.
  • 1:1 copy reviews! That’s right - you can get pro feedback directly on your copy doc. See how to submit your copy for review right here.
  • Completion badges you can proudly display on your site, blog or LinkedIn profile to show off your upgraded skills.
  • Tailored training for SaaS, ecommerce, services and B2C, so you can choose the training most similar to the project you're working on. 

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