Copy School badges of completion

Our badges use blockchain technology, which means that they are an unfakeable thing!

You can share your badges in one click on your website or on your LinkedIn profile to let the world know that you are getting your copywriting training from the most respected copywriting school on the planet! And potential bosses, clients or employers can get the skinny on what that achievement signifies.

When you use the Roadmaps view in Copy School, you’ll automatically receive a badge in your inbox upon completing all of the roadmaps for a particular asset. This will be sent to you via a service called Accredible - so watch for that.

If you take our traditional, modular courses, simply email when you finish all of the modules in a course. We'll then verify your successful completion (i.e., to see that all of the videos in that roadmap were completed) and email your badge to you, via Accredible.

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