How do I get free access to Airstory?

As a Copy School member, you get free access to Airstory for the life of your Copy School membership!

Here's how to access your free Airstory membership:

For those who’ve never signed up for an Airstory account before:

1. Go to When you see this👇 window, click on “Login here!“:

3. Use your Copy School login credentials (i.e. the same email and password you used to access your Copy School account) to sign up for an Airstory account and click 'Sign In':

4. That’s it! You will now have a free Airstory membership for as long as you have your Copy School membership!

For those with an existing Airstory account:

1. Sign into Airstory

* IMPT: In order for your Airstory and Copy School accounts to merge, you must ensure the email address you're using in your existing Airstory account matches the email address you use to sign into Copy School. If you need to change the email in your existing Airstory account, you can do so in the My Account area of your Airstory Settings: 

2. When you see this 👇 window, click on “Login here!“:

3. Enter the email and password you used to sign in to Copy School:

4. And click ‘Sign In’.

5. Confirm you want to integrate your Copy School account with your Airstory account and use the same login credentials across both accounts

6. Click ‘Convert to Copy School’.

7. Go to your inbox to check for an email from with the subject line “ Convert Airstory account to Copy School”. Click the link found within the email to finalize the conversion of your Airstory login credentials to your Copy School login credentials. 

*If you don't see the support email in your primary folder, please check your junk folder for the support email. If you don't receive the email within 30 minutes, please reach out to

8. That’s it! You’ll be taken into your Airstory account and your Airstory membership will now be tied to your Copy School membership.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at or!

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