Glossary (acronyms and terms used throughout Copy School)


AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AOV - Average Order Value

ARPU - Average Revenue per User

B2B - Business-to-Business

B2C - Business-to-Consumer

CR - Conversion Rate

CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

CTA - Call to Action

CTO - Chief Technology/Technical Officer 

CTOR- Click to Open Rate

CTR - Click Through Rate

CTV - Call to Value

DACI - Driver, Approver, Contributors, Informed (an outline of who will receive what when it comes to decision making for your copy)

PAS- Problem, Agitation, Solution

PCPO  - Problem, Cure, Proof, Offer

PLF - Product Launch Formula

SBO - Small Business Owner

SDR - Sales Development Representative

SERP- Search Engine Results Page

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

UMM - Ultimate Message Map 

USP - Unique Selling Proposition (you'll hear us say Value Proposition or value prop in Copy School)

VoC -  Voice of Customer 

YXTEIP - A framework used to get a solid outline in place for your webinar.


Asset - A marketing deliverable such as an email, landing page, home page, sales page or full funnel.

Conversion Copywriting - Words (copy) written to get your prospect to say "YES! - sign me up right now!" to your offer.

Frameworks - Flexible tools to organize messages in a compelling way.

Formulas - More precise tools to make your first draft pack more punch.

Home Page: The first web page of your website where your visitor usually lands from a general web search.

Landing Page: A landing page is a web page typically created for marketing or advertising campaigns. It’s the place where the reader lands after they click a CTA in an email or click through an ad. Landing pages can have goals like lead generation, trial starts or demo requests. 

Roadmap - A key feature inside the Copy School platform. Roadmaps are curated sequences of lessons that, if completed, will ensure you get to your conversion copywriting learning goals as efficiently as possible. 

Rule of One - In conversion copywriting the Rule of One is a rule that tells us to focus on just one thing per marketing asset. The rule of one has three parts: reader, offer and value proposition.

Sales Page: A type of landing page with a primary focus to sell. If you want to write a landing page that is focused on selling, you should choose a workflow in Copy School that’s for selling on pages.

Solution Design -document you create for each asset you write (template in Airstory with membership in Copy School).

Ultimate Message Map (UMM) - Document where you organize all of the research and data you collect as part of the conversion copywriting process (template in Airstory with membership in Copy School).

Value Proposition (value prop)-  The item you offer in your copy that is of high value to your reader - it appeals to everyone, unifies them, and is BIG (meaning desirable!).

Web Page:  A broad umbrella term applied to any page on the internet. It tells us nothing about that page's topic or purpose. A web page is any single page that is displayed in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any browser you choose. All pages on the web are web pages.

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