I just bought Copy School. Where do I start?

First, Welcome to Copy School - we're thrilled you're here to learn how to write conversion-focused copy! Take the tour right here.

We designed Copy School so that everyone takes the same foundational conversion-focused copywriting lessons first. These lessons are called “The Unskippables” in the roadmaps format and “The Foundations of Conversion Copywriting” in the “Traditional View” format. Same course. Same lessons. Just a different name, depending on what format you use for your Copy School training.

You cannot skip these core lessons if you want to learn how to write conversion copy.

Plus, completing these lessons is a great way to earn your very first Copy School badge!

Approximately 30 minutes in length, the Unskippable Essentials are presented by Joanna Wiebe (the founder of Copyhackers). Joanna will walk you through basic concepts to prepare you for the more advanced concepts you likely came here to learn, such as writing your website's home page so more people will interact with it. 

If you completed The Foundations of Conversion Copywriting in “Traditional View” format, you’re ready to select any course you’d like from the courses page. This format is great if you’re newer to copywriting or you’re a founder. If you’re unsure of what course you should start with, Conversion Copywriting for Beginners and 10x Landing Pages will give you a solid start to your conversion copywriting journey, after those are complete (get your badges) try out this handy quiz to see what course would suit you best.

If you completed the Unskippable Essentials in the roadmap format, you'll instantly gain access to the Roadmaps section of the Copy School interface. It is within the Roadmaps area that you will access the Roadmap filters, which further breaks down your learning into the 5 different stages of the conversion copywriting process. The lessons found within Roadmaps will teach you how and what to write for a given asset (e.g. email, home page, social ad), as long as you follow the Roadmaps lessons.

If - once you've watched the Unskippable Essentials - you still don't know which Roadmap to watch first, have no fear! Every Copy School member's Roadmap defaults to Researching for Landing Pages in any business type to Acquire Leads, which looks like this:

This default Roadmap will give every Copy School member a solid curriculum to learn advanced copywriting practices.

If however, you have an asset you're working on you want to create, simply click on the second filter in the Roadmaps filters (i.e. 'Choose an asset') and select your asset from the drop-down menu.

For instance, if you're working on a new website build you'll want to start with learning how to research what you'll write for your website, in which case you'd start with the following Roadmap filters: 

The filters will serve you sequences of lessons that teach requisite concepts to be able to think about and write copy as a conversion copywriter would - no matter what asset you're creating. 

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